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Why You Should Do Speed T-Rotations Every Single Workout

Forging fluid movement mechanics is key to avoiding injury and unleashing your athletic potential.


Still, playing 20 minutes of touch footy once a week isn’t enough. You need mobility training to perform at your peak.


In a study at Northern Arizona University, elite athletes scored no higher on a movement competency test than their non-competitive peers did.


That’s why the speed T-rotation is a staple in trainer BJ Gaddour’s workout routine. It fixes tight upper-back muscles and shoulders, improves your posture, and decreases neck, shoulder and back pain.


Speed T-rotations also boost your upper body’s range of motion and build core strength, so the more often you do them, the easier it’ll be to lift heavier loads overhead.


Watch Gaddour demonstrate them in the video above.


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You can increase your muscular endurance by doing reps for 30-60 seconds in a row for 3-5 sets.  


Or you can emphasise speed and power by doing reps for 10 seconds, and then resting for 10 seconds. Continue to repeat for as many sets as possible. 


Try mixing up the ways in which you perform the movement, too. Alternate sides with each rep, or do all of your reps on one side and then switch. 


And if you’re looking for an even bigger challenge, add resistance. Anchor a resistance band to a floor anchor, such as a bench, then grip the end as you perform reps to only one side. 


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