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Why Your Wife Could Be Your Secret Weight-Loss Weapon

Team up to slim down: you’re more likely to drop kilos if your wife or girlfriend is also making healthy changes with you, reports a study from the UK.


Researchers tracked couples for four years and found that when one person lost weight, the partner was three times more likely to follow suit than in pairs where the significant other stayed the same weight.


It worked for other lifestyle changes too: people were more apt to quit smoking or exercise more if their partners did the same.


Pairing up improves your odds of success because you can inspire and encourage each other, as well as hold each other accountable, says study author Dr Sarah Jackson, a researcher at University College London.


So if you want to shape up, enlist your partner and make a commitment to eat better and exercise together, Jackson suggests. Instead of binge-watching Netflix, bond over an activity like rock-climbing, cycling or cooking nutritious meals – like this Incredible Paleo Carbonara Recipe.


Single? Team up with friends, family or even coworkers for the same effect, says Jackson. Ask them to join you for a healthier lunch break, go for a walk instead of smoking or meet up at the gym after work.


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