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26% of Women Won’t Sleep With Guys Who Do This

If you’re a smoker, this news won’t be smoking hot.

According to the Daily Star, a recent British survey of more than 1600 men aimed to discover the most undesirable personality traits in a partner. 

And yep, you picked it: over a quarter (26 per cent) of women rated smoking the most disgusting habit a guy could have. But smokers’ heads aren’t the only ones on the chopping block.

If you’re notorious for forgetting/cancelling plans (19 per cent), enjoy a punt (14 per cent) or drink too much alcohol (11 per cent), your chances of picking up also nosedive.

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Surprisingly, smoking ranked only third in the list of things women do that turn off men.

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The No. 1 thing guys found least attractive in women was spending too much time on their phones – because what’s hotter than going on a date with a girl whose attention is fixed on her Instagram feed?

Taking too long to get ready, drinking too much and gossiping confirm the obvious truth about men: show us the occasional bit of attention, don’t get blackout drunk and don’t take a year to scrub up and you’re good enough for us.

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