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7 Openers You Should Never Use On Tinder

If you aren’t getting replies on Tinder – or worse: getting blocked after your first line – you’re doing something wrong. 


First impressions are crucial when meeting someone and on Tinder they’re even more important. Where you may be able to recover from a cheesy opening line when you meet a woman at the bar, if you mess up the opening line on Tinder there’s often no coming back.


If you’re using any of these bad boys as your opener, it’s time to stop. Unless you’re satisfied with rejection, that is.


1. Hey 😉 

Just stop. There’s no excuse in this day and age to be using the winky face on social media to flirt, even ironically. You know what girls like more than being winked at? Smiled at.


And while you’re at it, don’t even start with a “hello, hi, hey” or anything like that. It sounds too formal and you want to stand out from the rest of the thirsty Tinder crowd.


2. How you doin?

She was going better before you asked her that question. You aren’t Joey from Friends, and being asked by a random stranger how you are is possibly the dullest thing in the world. Know what the reply will be? “I’m good, you?”


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3. Your eyes are so beautiful.

If you think commenting on a girl’s eyes is going to make her blush and think what a genuine, respectful guy you are, then you are way off. This line only works in person, and only if you look like Ryan Gosling. 


Steer away from compliments altogether. Make a comment about their name, their style, their university, their pet or their hobbies – just not their physical appearance. 


4. Whatcha got under that dress?

Yes, guys actually use this line. If you actually do get a reply to this, you can be sure the girl is sitting around with a bunch of her friends laughing at your photos and imagining how tiny your penis is.


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5. Wow, I live right near you!

Delete your online presence immediately – she just called the police.


6. Want to have sex?

Yes, she probably does want to have sex. But using this opening line is guaranteeing it won’t be with you. 


7. Are you tired?

“Because you’ve been running around my mind all day!” Ha ha, good one. Every time a girl hears that pick-up line a little part of her dies. For some reason men think that purposely mimicking a bad pick-up line is funny, when in reality they’re just using a really bad pick-up line.




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