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Would You Pay $270 For A Bowl Of The World’s Most Expensive Fries?

Fried potato featuring truffle butter, truffle shavings and edible gold, because why not?

When it comes to the art of potato fries, we cast a discerning eye over many a takeaway shop. While we want to think that you can’t go wrong with potato fries, nor could you stuff up such an objectively easy dish, it turns out many restaurants and shops do get it wrong with startling regularity. From those that are soggy, over-salted or, dare we say it, under-salted, to others that are mushy on the inside, almost powdery. It’s enough to put you off fries altogether. But to take one bit of a perfectly crisp, delightfully chicken-salted, potato fry is to taste heaven. And for this NYC restaurant, they believe they’ve got the dish that will convert you. The only catch? It’ll set you back $270. 

If you’ve ever wondered just how many times the “French fry” can be reinvented, Serendipity 3 has taken it upon themselves to do just that. The restaurant, located in Midtown East neighbourhood, is now credited with holding the Guiness World Record for most expensive portion of fried potato in the world. Called “Creme de la Creme Pommes Frites”, these are no ordinary potato fries. Instead, they boast some rather extravagant ingredients. Made with truffle butter, they also feature truffle shavings and edible gold and to top it all off, they are then served on a crystal plate. 

The fries are also made of Chipperbec potatoes, dubbed the “world’s greatest for frying”, that are then blanched once in Dom Perignon Champagne and then again in French Champagne vinegar “to give the initial bite a touch of sweet decadence and acid,” according to the restaurant. Next, they’re triple-cooked in pure cage-free goose fat from Southwest France “to give the outer shell a crisp, crunchy texture.” Chefs then spend time making the velvety Mornay sauce that’s served alongside the fries in a matching crystal bowl for dipping. 

They melt “copious amounts of truffle butter in a pan,” add a pinch of flour to make a roux, and slowly whisk in organic A2 100 per cent grass-fed cream from Jersey Cows. Once the sauce is thick, cubes of Gruyere Truffled Swiss Raclette – aged for three months – are then folded in. Chefs then assemble the frites on a crystal Baccarat plate, before garnishing them lavishly with shaved black summer truffles, pecorino cheese from the Crete Senesi in Tuscany, Italy and 23k edible gold dust. 

To claim the Guiness World Record, the fries must be available to the public and bought by an unbiased customer to qualify for the title. But if you thought no one would dare purchase such an extravagant bowl of potato goodness, think again. There’s currently an eight to 10 week wait for the fries. Thankfully, that sounds like just enough time to see us complete the mandatory two-week quarantine to get into the US. Here’s hoping travel opens up for Aussies soon, edible gold and truffle dusting atop fries await!

By Jessica Campbell

Jess is a storyteller committed to sharing the human stories that lie at the heart of sport.

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