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These 2 CrossFit-Inspired Sweat-Storms Will Seek-And-Destroy Fat

“If I haven’t been humbled in a while, I get anxious,” says James Newbury, Australia’s number-one ranked CrossFit athlete.

“I’m not satisfied unless I’m doing something that tests my ability to keep going.”

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Been a while since you last had your arse handed to you? It’s probably time you put your ego on the line, says Newbury.

In the wreckage of your ego, insists Newbury, you’ll find the determination to get better.

On that score, try these two sweatfests courtesy of Newbury. Yes, they’ll push your heart rate into the redzone and leave you a sweaty mess – but that’s the point, isn’t it?


Jason Lee


To build a V-shaped torso, Newbury recommends punching out this workout twice a week. Do 10 minutes AMRAP.

“You’ll be stinging down your midline and across your chest,” says Newbury.

1. GHD (Glute-Ham Developer) sit-ups x 20

Sit upright in a GHD machine. Recline until your torso is upside down and your hands touch the floor before returning to the start position

2. Chin-Ups x 20

Break these up into as many sets as needed

3. Bench Press x 20 

Load the bar with half your body weight


Jason Lee


Newbury likes the way this WOD combines cardio and muscular endurance. Complete 4 rounds, aiming to finish in under 10 minutes.

“Starting with a huge posterior chain movement like the clean-and-jerk, you’re going to get your back and hammies going,” he says. At the bar you’re using grip work, flexibility, mobility.”

1. Single-arm clean-and-jerk x 2 each side

Newbury will use a 30kg dumbbell. Scale the weight according to your strength

2. Chin-Ups x 10

Newbury will normally do 6 muscle-ups here. if you can do this – respect…

3. Push-ups x 20

Newbury will do a 12m handstand walk. If you can do this – even more respect!

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