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21 Fitness Memes for Every Type of Gym Junkie

Memes usually pack the perfect comedy punch when you’re looking for the perfect thing to send to your friends.

And these days, the internet at large serves up some super creative and on-point meme content for every type of person. Think about how Michael Jordan’s infamous jam session from The Last Dance doc was immortalised in meme-form, as well as his absolutely savage remarks throughout the whole series. At the height of quarantine, we got spot-on content about the at-home workout experience.

Plus, memes totally nailed Rob Lowe’s generic ‘NFL’ hat, Tom Brady’s Super Bowl win, The Rock’s 90s themed turtleneck, and also captured Saquon Barkley’s ridiculous quads. And for all the weightlifters out there, these 30 hilarious weightlifting memes are sure to have you howling. Or are you more into CrossFit? Here are 45 of the best CrossFit memes that any devotee can relate to.

So sending the perfect meme to your fellow gym goers or fitness fanatics can bond you more and easily sum up the insane workout you just went through together, the pain (and ultimate joy) of your strict eating plans, or the fact that you are some of the most dedicated guys on the fitness floor.

Here are 21 hilarious (and motivating) memes to share with your fellow fitness fiends.

To start, these memes are perfect for the guys with no excuses:

Looking to send the funniest meme? These ones that will make you LOL:

After a gruelling workout, these memes perfectly describe the feeling when the hard work pays off:

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