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Here Are The Best 4 Sex Positions For The Shower

Want some good, clean fun in the bathroom? Here are your best options…

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Byron Gray

Byron Gray


a.k.a. Get a Leg Up

Benefits: Erotic move for quickies in tight quarters. Allows for easier penetration. She has control of thrusting, depth and angle.

You stand facing one another. She raises one of her legs up and wraps it around your buttocks or thigh and pulls you into her with her leg.

Now try this: if her wrapped leg gets tired, cradle it with your arm. If she’s very flexible, lift her leg over your shoulder.

Byron Gray

Byron Gray


a.k.a. Kitchen/Bathroom Confidential

Benefits: Good sex position for a quickie with deep penetration.

A variation on The Ballet Dancer, in which she raises her legs up and wraps them around your butt or thighs. Your kitchen counter or bathroom tap handles are the perfect height for this standing-to-seated appetiser.

Byron Gray

Byron Gray


a.k.a. The Hoover Maneuver

Benefits: Calorie burner because it’s so athletic. You can stroll around the bathroom in this position, but draw the shades first.

You enter her as you would in standing, rear entry, but lift her up by the pelvis and have her grip your waist with her legs. 

Now try this: Ask her to rhythmically squeeze her PC muscles to help her climax.

Byron Gray

Byron Gray


a.k.a. The Bends

Benefits: Greater thrusting power, and good for quickie sex, especially if she is starkers.

Ask her to bend at the waist and rest her hands on the shower taps, her knees or the floor for support. You enter her from behind and hold her hips for support as you thrust.

Now try this: Reach below to caress her clitoris for extra stimulation.

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