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The Top 5 Most Attractive Jobs, According to 2.9 Million Women

If you have one of these jobs, get ready for instant bragging rights because your profession features in the list of top 5 jobs women find most attractive.

After analysing data from over 2.9 million women on the dating app Happn, Mashable reports they’ve worked out the top 5 most attractive jobs for blokes. And the results are pretty much exactly what you’d expect them to be.

Lawyers unsurprisingly topped the list, because what women doesn’t want a confident, suited-up, well-educated man who makes a lot of money? Second spot belongs to analysts, third to engineers, salesmen in fourth and doctors (who woulda thought!) in fifth.

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But don’t stress too much if your profession didn’t make the cut. This was only the results of one dating app – you never know, the women of Tinder might have the hots for tradies?

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