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7 Signs That You’ve Found Your Swolemate

There are so many pros to having a workout partner, but like any relationship they can be hit and miss. However, a great gym buddy will help you get fitter, faster!  It is all too easy to wimp out on the gym when you’re tackling it alone, but it’s a lot harder to let someone down who’s already expecting you to show up. 


When you’ve got a good thing going with a workout partner, a) make sure you realise and b) make sure you’re also pulling your weight in return. To help out we’ve listed 7 signs you’ve found your swolemate. 

1) They know how to motivate you.

They know what it takes and they do whatever it takes to get you in the gym giving it your ALL. However, once your there, they also know when to keep their mouth shout. In a study at Michigan State University, people who performed planks while their partners shouted a few classic motivational phrases such as “push it!” didn’t last as long as those who did it alone. 

2) They know your preferred workout style.

They know when you genuinely, like desperately, need them to grab the bar but they also know how to shake you up when you need it. We’re talking super sets and drop sets when you least expect it!

3) They know when to spot you. 

However they also know when not to spot you. Personal space awareness is a must. 



4) They force you to warm up, stretch and take rest days.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy in the gym. Many gym users don’t warm up, stretch or rest enough. A partner that encourages you to do so has your goals in mind, listen to them.  

5) They have a lot of willpower. 

The perfect partner has inspirational will power, which they lend to you when you’re struggling! However, everyone also needs a cheat meal buddy in their lives. Indulge responsibly together. 

6) You chat about the ugly side of working out. 

You go into way too much detail, and you’re frankly way too comfortable chatting about the ugly side of working out together. This includes, but is not limited to, sweating, unwashed protein shakers and maybe even bowel movements.

7) They’re stronger than you. 

Last but not least – and you probably wont like it –  but they may actually be stronger than you. Maybe not in every department but the ones they are stronger than you in make you work hard to catch up! It’s good for motivation so suck it up. Research from the University of Kansas suggests you will push yourself 90% harder if your partner is 40% stronger than you. 

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