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Super-Size Your Legs With The Ultimate Lower-Body Workout

While your guns and chest might be the only thing on show when you next hit the beach, without an important base, your body can crumble and you’ll feel like your best days are behind you.



One of the main causes of lower back pain is weak hamstrings and glutes. When your lower legs aren’t up for it, your pelvis is pulled down causing a strain in your lower back. 

So before you get started, it’s important to activate your lower body to avoid injuries.

Check out the video below for some basic core and leg movements that will trigger your glutes and hammies.

Once your legs are fired up, you can launch straight into the workout. It’s an advanced strength session that will build real strength while also addressing weaker areas that need help: glutes, lower back, hamstrings, trunk etc. 

Check it out:

5 x 5 Box Squat @ 70% 2 mins between sets
4 x 10 Good mornings @ 20-30% of box squat weight 60-90 seconds rest between sets
5 x 10 (each leg) Kettle Bell /Dumbbell Static reverse lunge 60 seconds rest between sets
5 x 8 (each arm) lying banded pull 
5 x 8 Deadball slam (6-15kg)
5 x 8 Heavy Kettle Bell Swing

You can access more sessions like this from anywhere in the world via the 98 Online program.

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