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This Is How Much Money The Average Australian Spends In A Month

Putting money aside for that dream house can be difficult, especially if your spending habits are out of control. But how do you fare with your peers? New research reveals just how much Aussies are spending each month. 

According to the National Australia Bank’s (NAB) latest Customer Spending Trends report, the average amount spent per month in metropolitan areas during the March quarter was $2,150.

That signals an increase of $153, year-on-year. 

Nab Consumer Spending


“Average monthly spending was highest in Sydney, marginally ahead of Victoria,” says NAB. “Perth was next, followed by Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart.

“Average spending was lowest in Darwin, which was also the only metro area where spending was lower than year earlier levels.”

In regional areas, the average amount spent in the March quarter stood at $1,947, an increase on the $1,886 average spent year on year.

NAB says the report doesn’t include items such as government services, tax payments, mortgage and other credit facility repayments.

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