Bicarbonate Soda Found To Boost Stamina In Endurance Sports | Men's Health Magazine Australia

Boost Your Stamina By Having Cake And Eating It Too

It’s easy, in this age of illusory South American super-fruits and dark-web testosterone supps, to presume that performance-enhancers must come at a high price. So you can rejoice in the knowledge that there is a cheap and highly versatile PED already sitting in your kitchen pantry: bicarbonate of soda.

The consummate utility player, bicarb can whiten teeth, relieve skin irritation, soothe insect bites and even restore lustre to your silver cufflinks. And now we have a fresh entry to its list of accomplishments. A review by the University of Copenhagen rated it against other popular fitness-boosters, such as nitrates and beta-alanine, and found bicarb outpaced both for slashing times in endurance sports.

A single 20g dose, taken 90 minutes before exercise, is enough to buffer the production of lactic acid, reducing the burn in your muscles and helping you push harder for longer. Which means a slice or three of your signature sponge will see your stamina rise along with it.

Alternatively, try dissolving two teaspoons in your race-day water bottle. And should you then use it to wash down a wedge of said cake, more power to you.

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