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Why Breaking Up On Facebook Could Actually Be A Good Idea

Hands up if you’ve nearly unfriended someone because they announced their break-up on Facebook? *Raises hand*. Turns out that ‘friend’ from high school can be forgiven. 

Announcing your break-up on Facebook is the best option if you’re looking for closure, says Karen Prager, psychology professor at the University Of Texas at Dallas.


“If they’re broken up and ready to move on, then announcing that can be helpful. It’s a way of accepting that ‘This is how it’s going to be,’ and it makes it final,” says Prager. “If you use it as a weapon, I would say don’t do it.” 

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Speaking to thestar, 22-year-old Kayla Clifton says she announced her engagement was off on the social media website to quell rumours and put the awkwardness to bed.

“I wanted everyone to hear it straight from me instead of through rumours. I wanted everyone to know that both of us are okay with it, and we had no hard feelings. It also made things easier for us by not having to constantly tell people we split,” says Clifton.

While brutal break-up posts on social media are simply cruel, it seems clearing the air is definitely the best option.

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