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Stunning Footage Shows Bruce Lee’s “Only Real Fight Ever Recorded”

Actor, fighter, philosopher, martial arts instructor – however you choose to view Bruce Lee, there’s one thing that’s set in stone: the guy knows how to kick some ass.

We grew up watching Lee effortlessly dismantle opponents on the big screen, but the chances are you’ve never seen it for real. 

However, that changes today – stunning footage has been uploaded to YouTube showing quite possibly the only video of Bruce Lee competing in an actual fight. 

In the video below, Lee takes on Tom Wong, one of his students. Although both fighters are donning protective gear (thanks to government restrictions), this footage is something to behold.

At first you might be confused as to who is who, but keep watching and it will soon become very apparent. 

The footage was uploaded to YouTube by user Beerdy, who judging by the multiple other videos of Lee posted to their channel is a huge fan of Lee’s.

Interestingly, according to the Daily Mail, Wong (the pupil who Lee defeats in the video) went on to teach a version of Lee’s fighting style, and was inducted into Black Belt magazine’s Hall of Fame in 2006.

Although there’s no other known footage of Bruce Lee in a real life fight, here’s an amazing video of him beating up another guy… blindfolded:

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