Can You Master The Single-Leg Get Up Challenge?

Can you master the single-leg get up challenge?

Want to nail the single-leg get-up challenge currently trending on TikTok? Here's how to conquer it, one leg at a time

THERE’S A NEW CHALLENGE TRENDING at the moment that involves a single leg get up. I must admit, I underestimated this one, just like I underestimated the single-sided arm and leg run challenge that is also making waves. This challenge will test your strength, mobility, and coordination in ways you might not expect.


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How to perform the single-leg get up

Begin in a lunge position. Grab your back foot with your hand on the same side, lean forward, and then stand up tall. If you manage to nail it on your dominant side, try testing your non-dominant side for an added challenge.

Regressions to master the single-leg get up

If you find the challenge too difficult at first, don’t worry. Here are two regressions to help build your strength, mobility, and coordination:

  1. Deep Lunges

Step forward and plant your foot firmly on the ground. Find your balance and slowly lower yourself down, driving your knee over your toes. Then, drive back up into a standing position. This drill will challenge your ankle range of motion and develop your strength and balance.

  1. Assisted Pistol Squats

Find your balance on one leg and slowly lower yourself down, using an upright pole, suspension trainer, or even a couple of chairs for support. Using your upper body for support will help with balance, control, and navigating through those tough segments of the movement.

Once you’re confident with these two movements and can perform them for reps, you should be ready to take on the Single Leg Get Up Challenge.

Happy challenging guys!


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