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Chris Pratt Is Bulking, Big Time, With This High Calorie Snack

Chris Pratt, the star of some of Hollywood’s biggest action blockbusters right now, is back on Instagram sharing his famous #whatsmysnack updates with his followers. For those who missed the series of hilarious episodes in 2017, Chris shares his prepared snacks, highlighting the strict diet regimes he is required to adhere to in order to achieve his ripped physique. Previously he has been dieting and losing weight for roles such as Starlord in The Avengers, and for the upcoming Jurassic World sequel.


While the short videos are a total joke, with Chris hamming up the dramatics over his normally tiny portion sizes, they do provide great insight for those wanting to get in Galaxy Guarding-shape. Hollywood approved snacks consist of sashimi, olive and pistachio cake, and… an apple. 

However this time around, it seems as though Pratt is actively trying to put on weight. In what he has titled ‘Season 2 of What’s My Snack’, Pratt acknowledges that he is most definitely in the more fun bulking stage of his diet.

“Oh it’s back,” says Pratt in the recent video. “I’m bulking up right now,” he says, while sitting down to a breakfast of lamb (fresh from his farm), eggs, and bread.

The self-confessed ‘bulkamaniac’ explains the ebs and flows of his job and how he’s in the season on putting on the bulk. Proving that he’s as relatable as ever, Pratt is clear in acknowledging that this is the fun part of his job, and he’s clearly enjoying it in the lead up to his ‘season of ripping down the bulk’.

“I’m going to go take my first of many naps today,” jokes Pratt after demolishing the breakfast.

Pratt has always been up and down with his physique, committing whole heartedly to the demands of his roles. While playing hefty Andy Dwyer in Parks And Recreation, Pratt needed to be the out of shape everyman. However when he got the call up to lead Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, he impressed fans with a figure to match.

Pratt’s bulking is obviously working however, with a recent joke in the latest Avengers film alluding to his gains. “You’re one sandwich away from being called fat,” quips one of his co-stars.

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