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20 Minutes to a Cover-Model Body

“This workout comes from my deployment in Afghanistan,” says Wilson, “where the aim was a total-body blitz in minimal time. I’ve been using it for the last six years”



Complete all required reps of an exercise before moving on to the next one. That could mean doing one set – or 10. Whatever it takes. And obey this order: Do the entire workout without speaking, groaning, grunting or whimpering. “Our sergeant would make us work out in complete silence,” says Wilson. “He used to say discipline would always give us the unfair advantage.” Now get to it, you pathetic maggot. . .

Bench press 

100 reps of 1/3 of your one-rep max (1RM), as quick as you can.

Weight-vest squats 

100 reps of 1/4 of your 1RM. “We would squat with body armour and the bar,” says Wilson.

Wide-grip Chins

Triple the reps of your one-set max as quickly as you can. So if your first set yields 30 reps, pump out another 20 pronto, even if by the end you’re doing one-rep sets.

10s & 10s

Alternate between any two abs exercises – says sit-ups and leg raises – doing 10 reps at a time until you hit 200 reps. “200 reps on abs will hurt anyone,” says Wilson.

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