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Guy Sebastian Reveals Shredded 6-Pack In Men’s Health Transformation

Guy Sebastian has undergone an inspirational makeover after training with Men’s Health celebrity transformation coach Chief Brabon and Emilie Brabon-Hames for the last 8 weeks.



“Many trainers and coaches ask Emilie and I what the secret is to dramatically increasing an athlete’s lean muscle mass while still stripping unwanted fat. To be honest, there’s no secret. It’s simply combining proven training methods with science based nutritional programming.”

Even at the half way mark Guy was making some wild gains. He and wife, Jules Sebastian, have been training with top coaching duo for the last two months. 

All of the pictures and the full story will be available in the September issue of Men’s Health on sale August 7th 2017. For all of the latest nutrition tips, workouts and life hacks check out the latest issue on Men’s Health.

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