How to Have Mindblowing Sex in a Long-Term Relationship | Men's Health Magazine Australia

How to Have Mindblowing Sex in a Long-Term Relationship | Men’s Health Magazine Australia

The joyful reality for committed lovers is that the explosive, toe-curling, heart-racing sex you experience during the ‘honey-moon period’ of your relationship really can last forever. 

There are thousands of articles out there with advice on how to “reignite the flame.” Spice it up, buy her some lingerie, communicate more — monogamous couples have heard it all before.

We’re ditching the bull and cutting right to the heart of the matter with six honest insights that will help you to have mind-blowing, monogamous sex forever. You’re welcome.

  1. Become a Master of Masturbation 

Knowing yourself and what you like is key to a satisfying sexual relationship. The five knuckle shuffle doesn’t just make for a great time, but it can also help you to get in touch with your own sexuality. 

It’s time to menage a moi in the name of science. Switch it up in your alone time, test out different sensations and sex toys. Then, take your learnings back for a party of two that you’ll never forget. 

Mutual masturbation is a great form of foreplay. It makes for a sensual showcase that will guide your partner on exactly how you like it and allow you to discover new things about what they like. 

  1. Erogenous Zone Mapping 

Bring your partner along for the ride in this unforgettable sexual self-discovery. Arm yourselves with a wand vibrator and go over each other’s entire bodies to map your erogenous zones. 

Trigger your nerve endings to discover all of the sensitive parts that don’t normally get a lot of attention — like your navel, thighs and the small of your back. 

  1. The Way You Talk About Sex Matters

The way we talk about sex informs how we think about it, and the way you think about your sex life is a major driver in how likely you are to successfully nurture it. It’s like a chicken or the egg situation. But instead of eggs, it’s your sexy talk, and instead of chickens, it’s hopping on the good foot and doing the bad thing.

Speaking negatively to your friends about your sex life or playing the blame game with each other won’t cultivate positive feelings about sex. Make sure you are speaking to and about each other kindly. 

It can also be a challenge for some couples to start talking. If sex isn’t a regular topic of conversation in your relationship, it’s time to dive in. Talk about the things that excited you and get you hot under the collar. For those who need help loosening their lips, a Sex Game can be the perfect way to make you feel more confident talking about sex. 

  1. To Plan or Not to Plan

Don’t plan for sex, plan for intimacy. Planning for intimacy is all about setting aside time to feed your bond and do the activities that make you feel intimate and close. This helps to take the pressure off, while still fostering the kind of intimate moments that lead to sex. Whether this looks like cuddling up on the couch and watching a sexy movie together, or indulging in a home-cooked meal by candlelight (with a side of champagne obviously); that’s up to you. Planning for these moments, rather than planning for the act of sex itself will help you intimate moments feel more authentic and O-mazing.

  1. Sex Begets Sex 

This is a platitude that we have all heard before, but there is some truth to it. Having sex feeds your bond and creates desire, which equals more sex. It doesn’t mean taking a “just do it” approach to sex, but rather understanding that the time and effort you and your partner invest in your sex life will pay off. 

  1. Get Back to Flirty Basics 

You and your partner should be on a joint mission to make each other feel sexy, and that starts outside the bedroom. Give each other compliments and attention, flirt and play. 

Get textual and use the plethora of digital platforms to your advantage. Flirting is all about connection, and texting is a fantastic way to create little connections throughout the day while your partner is at work or away. It also builds anticipation, which is very sexy. 

If you can’t read between the lines, we’ll spell it out for you — SEND NUDES.

Settling down into a long-term relationship doesn’t necessarily mean settling down in your sex life. Throughout your relationship, ebs and flows in your sex life are natural, but with these tips, we’re placing bets that your best sex is yet to come.

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