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Top 5 Ways To Meet Someone Without A Dating App

Modern dating is an interesting place. Swipe right, swipe left, drinks, movie, who texts first… it’s a battlefield and a tough game to master. And even with advances in dating technology, there are some out there who are still hoping for the old-school romance of meeting their partner, or hookup, the traditional way. Face to face.

While it’s certainly easier to sit at home and swipe up your very own Tinderella, we turned to the people of Reddit to get some advice on where they’re looking for their significant other. Take their tips, brush up on your banter, and you’ll be partnered up in no time!

Join A Sports Team

Join a sports team. Adult kickball, softball, soccer, golf, whatever you like to do. Hang out with these people if you like them.” @HolyShatner

Expand Your Network

“Don’t be afraid to make friends with the girls or people who are already taken or not interested. Chances are they have some friends with similar interests and you might get to meet people who are interested or available.” – says @rodakina

Put Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Sign up for an improv class. So crazy how fast you get to know people when you are forced to be vulnerable with them. Crazy fun activity for sure.” @giantlittle
“Yes to this, definitely not common but it challenges your comfort zone too!” @avenizer

Follow Your Passions

“Go to the kinds of places you imagine the kind of person you’d like to go to, bookshops for the readers, sports events or gyms for the active, music events or music lovers” @MattMythic

Look At Work

“Work is a good place to get started with friends and meet singles depending on where you live [be warned, this is delicate and there are ways to make sure this goes smoothly for all involved]. I worked at restaurants and retail establishments when I was your age, never had a problem finding people to hang with during off-hours.” @ourtomato

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