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How to Smash Your Next Running Goal

It’s no secret that a good goal will keep you motivated, hold you accountable and help you run further and faster. That’s why most people have career goals, life goals, travel goals and saving goals. So why skimp out when it comes to your health and fitness? Ask yourself these five questions when setting a running goal.

1\ Make is specific

A goal to “run faster” isn’t going to cut it. Usain Bolt didn’t start running because he wanted to be the fastest man in the world, he had a time that he wanted to beat and kept pushing it. Include an element of specificity: “I want to run 30 seconds faster for 5K” instead of “I want to run faster,” or “I want to run 5 days a week” instead of “I want to run more.”

2\ Track it

It’s a sprint, not a marathon and to help keep your motivation sky high, tracking is everything. Tracking your progress is key, Men’s Health Fitness Director Todd Liubinskas, recommends having “a series of training goals which will help you achieve your main running goal.” Use an app like MapMyRun to track your progress and keep yourself accountable, you can even share your times on Facebook for added motivation/bragging rights.

3\ Just own it

As much as we’d all love to run a half marathon faster than Will Smith this might not be for you. Set a personal goal (not one that you google online) that is achievable for you that pushes you out of your comfort zone (and not too easy). If a goal is too far out of reach, you probably won’t truly commit because deep down you know it’s not achievable. Don’t let the wrong gear get in the way of your goals, get prepared with the Under Armour HovrTM footwear suite, they’ve got a shoe for all foot types.

4\ Do it for you

Breaking news: there’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to running. It’s great for morale and accountability to sign-up for a run with family and friends but that doesn’t mean you should all have the same goal. Challenge yourself with a goal that is yours and that you truly desire.

Remember, you’re in it for the long run but that doesn’t mean you should make your running goal for 2025. Running a marathon is on most peoples bucket list, but before you make yet another excuse for why you should do it next year, quit the excuses and make it this year. Once you’ve set your distance sign-up and mark the day in your calendar. Having a deadline will help make your goal a reality.

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