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Inside The 5-Star Luxury Rehab That Promises to Help Bring Out The Best Version of You

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We all have our vices, but if kicking your out-of-control vice to the curb is top of your to-do list in 2022, there’s nothing wrong with seeking a little extra help. 

Hills and Ranges Private (HARP) luxury treatment facility offers leading success rates, utmost privacy and genuine care so you can hit the reset button and get your life back on track, stat.

This is elevated, unparalleled care meets complete exclusivity in a new style of rehab that utilises its lush natural surroundings to help heal.  

Being a holistic rehab facility, HARP combines the clinical treatment with high-end therapeutic modalities in order to ensure the most pleasant and rewarding transition from active addiction to recovery. 

Expect a multi-layered program led by expert facilitators, counsellors, psychotherapist, psychologist and doctors working alongside personal trainers – in a fully equipped gym – nutritionist and health and wellbeing doctors, personal chefs, art therapist, music therapist, hot spa plus a day spa with masseuse to cater for your every whim. There’s even a nail salon and hairdresser, so when you emerge from your stay you will feel ready – both physically and emotionally.  

In taking this new approach to mental health, HARP has quickly established itself as our finest and most successful rehab centre in treating drug and alcohol addiction, offering high-end recovery programs backed by the most up-to-date knowledge and information in the field to bring you back to optimum health. 

Removing the stigma associated with substance misuse treatment, Melbourne’s only luxury addiction treatment centre allows all clients access to their own personal care team, who assist in creating a tailor-made program to help you achieve your goals and realise your potential. 

HARP treats a variety of substance and behavioural addictions, specialising in the treatment of alcohol, Ice (methamphetamine), cocaine, gambling, and other behaviour of addiction, while also offering resources to address underlying mental health issues (childhood trauma, depression, anxiety, ADHD, BPD etc). This is so much more than just a 12-step program, focusing on an ongoing, multi-layered treatment approach program in support of healthy lifelong recovery. 

Alongside HARP’s exclusive 5i educational recovery program and bespoke staff – who really understand addiction – is an emphasis on reconnecting with nature, which sets it apart from other private rehab centres. 

Nestled amongst the lush green landscape of Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges, HARP boasts breathtaking, tranquil views ensuring complete privacy, peace and relaxation, so you are always at one with nature. 

Oh, and did we mention that you can start the journey in taking back your life by reserving your private jet transfer here: 

Luxury all the way! 

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