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Jennifer Lawrence Reveals The Strange Reason She Doesn’t Like Sex

If there’s one thing we all love Jennifer Lawrence for, it’s her ability to speak so openly about her personal life.

Just recently, she’s opened up about her sex life.

“I am all bark and no bite,” she said to The Sun. “I always talk like I want d***, but the truth is when I look back at my sexual past it was always with boyfriends. I talk like I like it, but I don’t really do it.”

The actress has been single since her break up with Darren Aronofsky, after a year of dating. “I am not in a relationship,” she said to the publication. “I am making it clear that I have not had sex in a very long time. I would like to have a relationship, you know. It is hard out there.”

But there’s one thing that truly scares her about sex, and that’s sexually transmitted diseases.

“I am mostly also a germaphobe. I have made it this far without an STI. D*** is dangerous,” she admitted. “If I was at the point where I could get an STI, doctors have already been involved. That is how much of a germaphobe I am.”

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