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Legendary Comedian Dave Chappelle Launches New Podcast ‘The Midnight Miracle’

He’s the legendary funny man who made a name for himself with his quick wit and hilarious observations. Though most stand-up comedians will be familiar with the deathly silence that belies an audience’s discomfort as they bomb up onstage, Chappelle only knew the sound of uproar: of laughter so loud, it ricocheted off the walls and seemed endless. He’s had the odd meltdown and a number of mic drops, but throughout his career Chappelle has championed his own way. In an interview with Esquire he described fame as “a place, a country I’m taking a tour through” and added, “You don’t just walk around feeling like, ‘I’m a goddamn star.’ You walk around feeling like you.”

Now, Chappelle is giving fans around the world an even greater insight into his life and the friends in it, creating a new podcast titled The Midnight Miracle. Alongside Yasiin Bey (otherwise known as Mos Def) and Talib Kweli, the “salon style” podcast series comes after Chappelle’s 2020 Summer Camp event, which saw the trio record the series in The Shack – a mechanic’s garage retrofitted as a clubhouse. 

The podcast will feature conversations, guest interviews, sketches, impersonations, archival audio clips, as well as an entire soundtrack comprised of music from Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, D’Angelo, Heatwave featuring John Wilder and countless others. As Deadline reports, over 100 hours of recorded content was edited down for the end result. 

In 2021, it does seem like anyone with a pulse has a podcast and while sifting through the muck to find one actually worth listening to can be tiresome work, there’s good reason to listen to The Midnight Miracle – aside from Chappelle certainly bringing the laughs. As Chappelle explains, “Making a podcast isn’t the obvious next move for me, but it’s the right one.”

He adds, “The Midnight Miracle gives you a look into how me and my friends process the world around us, and I think it will change the way listeners think of what a podcast can be.”

Simon Sutton, Luminary CEO, said of the podcast, “The Midnight Miracle pushes the boundaries of podcasting, creating an audio experience listeners have never heard before. It is the exact type of project we built Luminary to support, and we are so excited to share it with listeners across the world.”

The podcast will be available to stream via Luminary’s new channel on Apple Podcasts which is currently touted to go live in May. 

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