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Is This The Strangest Place You Can Get Your Penis Stuck?

A man from China has endured the kind of nightmare you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy: getting his penis stuck in a wrench, reports.

The 37 year old, who remains unnamed, visited the Zhejiang Province Hospital after his penis swelled up and turned purple after being clamped for 17 hours.

Doctors recommended operating on the man’s shaft to decrease blood flow to the penis in order to remove the wrench. Although the man’s parents agreed to the procedure over the phone, they refused to show up for obvious reasons.

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As a result, without written consent, doctors were forced to call in the fire brigade who showed up with an angle grinder (ouch). Luckily for the patient, the firefighters decided against using the grinder because it was deemed too dangerous. 

Enter the local dentist. That’s right, they called in a dental surgeon to have a crack at freeing the man’s Johnson.

Using the same instrument he uses when fixing holes in your teeth, the dentist carefully lined up the man’s penis (we hope he doesn’t plan on using that drill in anyone’s mouth). Then, with the aid of a high-speed engine that allows the drill to rotate up to 300,000 times per minute, the dentist freed the man’s penis – much to the relief of the dozen on-lookers.

The lesson here? Don’t use a work tool as a masturbation aid . . . ever. To avoid other wanking catastrophes, check out the worst masturbation mistakes you can make.

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