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MH Tech Review: Jabra Elite Sport

If you are after wireless in-ear Bluetooth headphones, then read on. Jabra’s Elite Sport wireless earbuds fit perfectly within your ear canal so much so that they barely project out of your ear. I find traditional headphones with cords heavy and a big distraction from my workouts – even though they are seasonal. These made for one less excuse.

That’s said, the quality of music is not compromised and you get a good amount of bass that is difficult to find with many other wireless earbuds. Jabra has a built-in in-ear heart rate monitor, that’s vital for capturing data for any fitness app to translate to workout statistics. And options to wear a single earbud gives you the freedom at times when you need to lend the other ear to listen to people without your workout guidance.


It is truly wireless and hands-free, even when it comes to answering your calls just a voice command will do. As the specs say, with the multiple microphones in the earbuds, the background sounds seem to be well filtered to pick my voice clearly even in noisy environment. 

Waterproof. For Real?

As Jabra claims the earbuds withstand sweat resistance even under extreme workouts, it stands it providing a 3-year warranty on damages from sweat. Do note to register online to claim the 3 years. And yeah it’s backed by ‘Ingress Protection’ 67 rating.


Jabra goes above and beyond other wireless earbuds with a battery life of 13.5 hrs, and continuous playback of 4.5hrs from a full recharge. Also with its handy charging case, you can get an additional 9 hours.

Mobile App

Using Jabra’s App you can monitor your heart-rate, have personalized audio coaching and track your movements while your workout. You also will need the app for any settings, updates, battery charge info, firmware updates and much more. Bonus: Jabra is compatible with many popular third-party fitness apps, so you have an option to continue with your preferred workout monitoring.

Thumbs up

  • Sweatproof – good for longer workouts with pumping music.
  • Battery – powerful batteries for continuous playback, which means longer workouts with non-stop music.
  • Size and Appearance – being small and fitting well is a big plus for fitness freaks and even seasoned athletes.
  • Audio Quality – Superior bass among the other earpods and well-filtered background noises when on calls.

Thumbs down

  • Though not difficult, it will need a couple of retries to find the best right foam tips that fit your ear. It definitely has an impact on losing some good bass with an incorrect fit.
  • I am happy with the grey coloured ear-wings (with an optional green colour in some regions), but people would prefer to choose other colours if available.


As a perfect sports gear, Jabra Elite Sport is designed well to keep it simple, smaller in size, firm-fit, and lets you focus on your fitness activities along with the energetic music. Isn’t that cool?

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