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Honey Badger’s Love Life ‘All Sizzle And No Steak’, As He Searches For His New Missus

His name has been thrown around for a while now, but today sources confirmed that Nick Cummins, aka Honey Badger, will be Australia’s next Bachelor. Fresh off the heels of fellow celebrity-looking-for-love Sophie Monk’s blockbuster series last year, Cummins will hit the mansion, date a team of beauties, and no doubt drop some classic one liners along the way.

Cummins, who is best known for his highly successful international rugby union career, is set to “go off like a cut snake” in the mansion on his quest for true love.

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“The past 10 or so years has been on the road playing rugby or working on my projects, so I’m very excited to be part of a show that is centred around love and good times,” said the former Wallabies winger.

Chanel 10 are equally excited about the signing, which is sure to be another ratings hit. Cummin’s larrikin persona is a refreshing injection that proved very successful in Monk’s season. 

“Physically striking, successful and smart, the sporting talent of this wild-haired winger, Nick’s wicked sense of humour and his distinctive, witty one-liners have made him a hero, both on and off the field,” producers said in a released statement.

Honey Badger is now 30, and has enjoyed a varied career in rugby since 2007, when he debuted for the Australian Rugby Sevens side, before signing with the Western Force. He began his Wallaby career in 2012, before relocating to play in Japan for family health reasons. Cummins became a hit with fans early on in his career, thanks largely to his hilarious post match interviews.

To celebrate Honey Badgers search for love, we’ve listed some of his all time greatest quotes, many of which could be applied to his new gig as Australia’s most eligible man:

  • “I’ve been doing it (playing Super Rugby) a good five years now. Lucky for me every bugger fell over and I got a gig.”
  • “I’m looking forward to getting out there and seeing plenty more of the ‘seed’ in 2014.” 
  • “The boys were on it like seagulls at a tip.”
  • “Sweatin’ like a gypsy with a mortgage, actually.” 
  • “Yeah mate I bloody was like a rat up a drainpipe in one of them runs there.”
  • “I’m gonna have a truckload of pudding and uh, old mum’s good on the cook too so, dad’s got the tucker ready over there and mum and dad are gonna work together and form a massive feed and err, I’m gonna come in and dominate it.”
  • “Last year we were all sizzle and no steak, but now we’re off like a brides nightie.”

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