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Man Creates Dating App With a Twist – He’s The Only Guy Available

What could possibly go wrong?

Every guy who’s used Tinder knows the odds are stacked against them. There are so many attractive guys on that damn app who don’t get any action – what hope do we have!?

To make matters worse, European scientists recently studied the behaviour of Tinder users and found the majority of females only swipe right on guys they’re genuinely interested in.

Men, on the other hand, are much less picky and are far more happier taking what they can get. That’s what makes this idea all the more genius.

Shed Shimove – entrepreneur, product designer, motivational speaker and author – has created a ‘dating’ app called Shinder. It’s just like Tinder, except for one tiny fact: he’s the only guy on the app.

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, no word has come through whether or not his cunning plan has been of any success. But give the man a break, at least he’s trying.

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