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Shred Your Core With The Chopping Workout From A Celebrity Trainer

It’s not hard to be envious of some of the Hollywood six-packs you see on the big screen. So take it from celebrity trainer Don Saladino who has a workout that will shred your core and ruin your legs. 

“The split-stance chop with the ViPR PRO one of my favourite stability exercises because I am statically working the lower body while heavily training my core,” Saladino shared in an Instagram post.

This core move is more than just a lunge with rotation: there’s a strong focus on the chopping monition that engages your entire abdominals. Add the weight and this becomes a challenging exercise that will see huge results. 

Watch the workout below. 

To begin the move, start with a step forward similar to a lunge. Ensure that your front thigh is parallel to the ground – you can do this by bending your front knee. Make sure that your back knee is off the ground as well – preventing your legs from resting on the ground will require your core and legs to work extra hard. 

Focus on your glutes to help you stay upright. 

Begin the chopping motion – your hips should remain square, avoid rotating them in line with the swinging of your arms. Again your abs and legs will need to work overtime to keep you balanced and upright.

This won’t just give you a celebrity six-pack, you’ll see your flexibility improve as well. If you don’t have the equipment Saladino uses in the video, you can use a medicine bell or dumbbell. 

Aim for at least 3 sets, 5 to 8 reps, or incorporate it into your warmup by dropping the weight. 

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