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5 Epic Adventure Sport Films You Can Watch On YouTube… For Free

The days are colder, the wet is settling in, and your couch is calling. Welcome to the time honoured tradition of ‘Sloth Sundays’ (aka curling up and doing nothing at all).

The winter months are perfect for bingeing TV shows and movies as we all know, but why not add a little dose of adrenaline to your viewing pleasures. We’ve pulled together 5 of the most epic adventure sports movies we could find on YouTube. No. Subscriptions. Necessary.

So sit back, enjoy a weekend of viewing, and the greatest part of it all is that you don’t even have to leave this page!

Warning: these movies will probably motivate you off the couch for next weekend, but maybe that ain’t such a bad thing.

Few Words – A Candide Thovex Film

Candide Thovex is the Frenchman who has pioneered performance skiing, consistently pushing the boundaries and demolishing preconceptions of possibility. This Quiksilver backed film tracks the highs, and lows, of Thovex’s rise to the top of the aerial ski game.

The Endless Summer (1966)

Considered the OG of surf films, the title gives away the concept: chasing an endless summer. Waves and adventure aplenty in this beauty, it’s one to watch before checking out the equally epic Endless Summer II.

Four Mums In A Boat

Bear with us here. This movie is actually hilarious. Four Mums In A Boat follows the journey of 4 middle aged British mums as they prepare and attempt to row across the Atlantic. The reactions from the ladies and their husbands will have you laughing, but their determination and commitment is next level.

Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out

This can’t really be counted as a movie, but it’s fun enough to make the list. MacAskill’s tricks are work the 6 and a half minutes interlude between your movie viewing.


These guys are equal parts hilarious, nuts, and adventurous. Above anything, this movie is worth a watch just for the moment when the crew lands in a foreign country… unaware of where they are. Classic.

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