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This Is What Really Happens To Your Sex Life When You Get Married

While married life might promise regular love-making, a new study has found an extremely grim discovery for women. 

According to new research titled “The Significance of the Female Orgasm: A Nationally Representative, Dyadic Study of Newlyweds’ Orgasm Experience” published by Brigham Young University, 49 per cent of women said they orgasmed during sex. That compares with 87 per cent of men who said the same.

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Analysing data collected from 1683 newly married straight couples, the pairs were asked how often they orgasmed, how often they thought their partners climaxed and overall, how satisfied they were with their sex lives. 

Alarmingly, most of us dudes didn’t even know that our partners weren’t getting off. Nearly 43 per cent “misperceived how often their wives experienced orgasm.” 

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