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5 Of The Best Foods For Your Brain

Not sleeping well? On edge? Easily distracted? Your brain might be hungry. Try eating more of these foods with a few (really, really) easy recipes.

1. Brassicas

Like cabbage, cauliflower, and kale, they pack sulforaphane, a compound Korean scientists say can clear brain gunk (technical term). This gunk, called beta-amyloid and tau proteins, may lead to Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. No, thanks.

Eat It: Next time you stirfry, replace half the rice with pre cut cabbage. Bonus: a solid kJ cut.

Brassicas benefits for brain health

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2. Tempeh

New protein alert! A 115-gram serving of this fermented soybean cake (tastier than it sounds, promise) has 23 grams of protein as well as bacteria that may improve how your brain handles anxiety, a 2017 Chinese study found.

Eat It: Try tossing cubes of tempeh into a salad with ginger dressing or stirring them into a spicy vegetable curry.


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3. Chickpeas

The main ingredient in hummus, they’re filled with tryptophan, an amino acid that may help you fall asleep faster and also sparks processes that may limit brain inflammation, found a 2016 Nature Medicine study. Mmm, hummus. On warm pita.

Eat It: Pair your dip with high-GI carbs, which help absorb tryptophan, says Dr W. Christopher Winter.


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4. Cod

The fish has a protein called parvalbumin, which a 2018 study reports may decrease your risk of Parkinson’s disease. Cod also has omega-3s and vitamin D, which help synthesise mood-boosting serotonin. (It tastes good, too.)

Eat It: Top a fillet with a bit of butter, a dash of white wine and lemon juice, then bake at 200°C until flaky, 15-20 minutes.


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5. Clams

Fish get all the brain-food credit, but 85 grams of clams have 1400 per cent of your daily B12. A 2016 study found that people with lower B12 levels showed poorer learning ability than those with higher levels.

Eat It: Add a half cup of beer and 50 clams to a pot. Heat on high, pot covered. Clams are done when open. Easy!


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