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The Exact Workout Joe Manganiello Used To Shred Up For “Rampage”

In December last year, Joe Manganiello hit the big 4-0. That’s right, the best body in Hollywood is four decades old…

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“Yeah, now I’m in the second half,” he laughs. The milestone has given him cause for reflection, and a greater awareness of the clock ticking down. “When that hit me for the first time, that was … I don’t know, it’s an interesting thought to have. But the other side of it is that I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been. I feel super-healthy, super-strong and I’m accomplishing things physically that I’ve always wanted to.”

Indeed, since teaming up with CrossFit champ Ron Matthews, Manganiello has taken his training to a whole new level, mixing heavy Olympic lifts with up-tempo bodyweight moves punched out in a weighted vest.

Check out the three-part routine he used to shred up for upcoming blockbuster Rampage.

Can you go rep-for-rep with Manganiello?


Perform three rounds of this dynamic circuit to get your blood pumping and your joints fully mobilised.

1/ Air squat (10 reps)

With your feet shoulder-width, drop your arse to the grass, bringing your arms out and keeping your chest up. Once your hips are in line with or below your knees (B), drive back up.

2/ Push-up (10 reps)

Position your hands underneath your shoulders, so your body is straight from head to ankles. Lower until your chest almost touches the floor, pause, then drive back up.

3/ Spiderman & reach (5 reps each side)

From the push-up position, bring your right foot forward, placing it next to your right hand. Drop your left elbow to the floor and twist to reach upward. That’s one rep

4/ Russian baby-maker (10 reps)

This isn’t as much fun as it sounds. Bend to grab your toes, then squat, using your arms to push your knees out. Now hold onto your toes while you straighten your legs.


Set a timer and perform these as a ladder: do nine cleans and one jerk, then after 90sec, do eight cleans, two jerks. Stop when you hit one clean and nine jerks

1/ Power Clean (9, 8, 7 reps down to 1)

With feet hip-width, hands slightly wider, hook-grip the bar and drive up. As it clears your hips, snap them explosively and dip to catch the weight. Stand tall, then lower.

2/ Split Jerk (1, 2, 3 reps up to 9)

From a rack position, dip slightly and explosively push the barbell up while splitting your legs to land in a high lunge, arms straight. Step your legs back in and lower the bar.


Time to turn that music up. Do four rounds with minimal rest. Yes, it’s “gruelling”, as Manganiello puts it, but if he can handle it at 40, so can you.

1/ Single-arm KB snatch (10 each side)

Holding the kettlebell between your legs in a half squat, snap your hips forward as for a swing, then shrug and pull it up, punching through so it doesn’t whack your forearm.

2/ Ring dip (10 reps)

Begin with your arms straight, then lower your chest until your shoulders are below your elbows. Now push up, keeping your hands and elbows close to your body. No rings? Just do it on parallel bars.

3/ Deadball to shoulder (10 reps)

Squat and lift the deadball onto your thighs to get your arms under it. Roll it up your torso, then heave it over your shoulder. For extra points, wear a weighted vest.

4/ Steel club lunge (10 reps)

Lift the club (or a dumbbell) overhead. As you lunge, lower it to eye level, arms parallel to the ground. Raise it as you push back up.

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