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This 10-Minute Circuit Practically Guarantees a Ripped Upper-Body

“There’s a lot of power in completing 50 quality reps,” says Bobby Maximus, trainer and author of Maximus Body, which is designed to help you build muscle and burn fat insanely fast. It’s a brief statement, but it’s loaded with wisdom.

Mastering a movement isn’t just about banging out a high number of reps—it’s about quality. And going through the full range of motion will help you own the entire movement.

Maximus’ 50 QR—or quality reps—workout will make you a master of some of the most important, foundational upper-body moves.

Directions: Perform the exercises below in the order listed.

1. Pushups: 5 Reps
Pushups are one of the benchmarks of fitness that every guy should master. Make sure your chest hits the ground on each rep, and that your core is braced, your glutes are clenched tight, and you’re squeezing your feet together so there’s muscle tension in your legs.

2. Dips: 5 Reps
Dips are a classic triceps exercise that are great because you’re using your own bodyweight, which is most likely a heavier weight than you’d use in other exercises that target this muscle. Make sure that you lower your body until your shoulders are below your elbows to get the most out of these dips.

3. Pullups: 5 Reps
Some might argue that pullups are the ultimate upper-body exercise since your shoulders, arms, back, and abs all have to engage to help lift your body to the bar. To capitalize even more on your muscle gains, lower yourself back down slowly instead of letting gravity do all the work.

That’s one round, and your goal is to complete it within a minute. Perform 10 total rounds, aiming for 10 total minutes.

This workout originally appeared on Men’s Health.

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