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This Is What You Need To Elevate Your Physical and Mental Energy

MCT Oils keep you focussed and energised - every step of the way.

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What if firing up your goal-crushing energy levels was as simple as adding a supercharged oil to your day? Well, actually, it is.

Surely you’ve heard all about MCTs and their benefits as a keto optimiser. But whether you’re on a carbohydrate-restrictive diet or intermittent fasting, this unique little powerhouse of fatty acids can supercharge your body, giving you that much-needed boost to crush your fitness goals.

The versatile MCTs can not only energise and keep you feeling satisfied during fasting times but they can also send your body into nutritional ketosis quicker, giving you a free pass on the undesirable transitional effects of making the switch.

As a pure fatty acid, MCTs contain zero sugars or carbs, providing a better alternative energy source to glucose for sustained performance so you can avoid the sugar rollercoaster. MCTs can easily convert into ketones more readily than other sources of energy. Unlike long-chain triglycerides (LCT), medium-change triglycerides (MCT) supplements are reported to be absorbed by the portal vein, preferentially oxidized in the liver and peripheral tissues, and associated with increased energy expenditure.

But did you know that not all MCTs are created equal?

When you pick the right MCT for you, you can optimise the benefits to fit your  individual needs and nail that PB, which is why the Aussie -owned Melrose Health MCT Oils is ‘the one’. The OG of MCT Oils was the first brand to bring MCT Oils into the Australian market way back in the ‘90s – and to this day is the only brand that offers multiple oils for different energy needs, re-engineering MCTs to suit your needs.

So what exactly are MCT oils?

Most commonly, the fats we consume contain LCTs comprising 13- 21 carbon atoms. These are the fats found in oils, nuts, avocados and meats however MCTs are derived from coconut or palm oil. Rest assured, Melrose MCTs are made from only ethically and sustainably produced coconuts and free from any palm oil. 

How is Melrose different?

Technically, MCT is an umbrella term for four different Medium Chain Fatty Acids; Caproic Acid (C6), Caprylic Acid (C8), Capric Acid (C10) and Lauric Acid (C12).  By blending different amounts of each MCT, Melrose has developed three unique products:

Here’s how to choose the right MCT for you:

It’s pretty easy to incorporate MCT Oils into your life too. Add a dash of MCT into your morning coffee for a bigger hit of energy by the time you start your workout.  Throughout the day, add MCT to smoothies, yoghurts, healthy bliss balls and raw treats – even drizzled over eggs. For a stack of easy, organic and healthy MCT recipes head HERE

Start putting healthy habits in motion.

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While you’re there, sign up for the MCT Challenge and join a community that’ll help support your energy-boosting goals.

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