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Three Online Health Services You Need to Know About

As men it can be tough to open up – about anything – but especially when it comes to putting your hand up and asking for help. When things get really personal or serious, or both, the idea of talking to someone about it face-to-face can be so off-putting we don’t do it at all.

The research on men and healthcare shows we tend to put off seeking help when we need it. One study found that even when we do get into the doctor’s office, we lie to them anyway.

So, if you’ve got issues and you’ve been toughing it out it’s good to know that there are alternatives to making a visit to the GP. To help get you back on top of your game, here are three online services that specialise in connecting you with the support, information, and treatment you need. You don’t even need to roll out of bed. 

1. Mental Health Online

Men’s mental health is a growing problem. We don’t get help when we need it, and when put off to long, it can end in tragedy. Mental illness is illness, so don’t feel like you need to man up and struggle silently as there are services that can help. Mental Health Online is one of the best. It’s a government-funded project from Swinburne University that gives you access to scientifically-backed information and resources, a psychological assessment that identifies potential areas of concern, a 12-week treatment program, and even access to therapists through email, video, or instant messaging. Almost unbelievably, every bit of this is free. If you’re struggling, don’t wait around, go sign up and you’ve taken the first step on your way back to the top.

Mental Health Online is a free government-funded project


2. Mosh

Mosh is an online portal that specialises in dealing with all the stuff you’d rather not talk about. Erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and premature ejaculation are their specialties, and connecting you remotely with doctors that know how to set you right is what they do best. They’ll even organise the right treatment and mail it out to you discretely. From your top end to your partner’s best friend they’ve got you covered. Easy.

3. Your Fertility

It’s a common misconception that fertility problems are women’s problems. While we mightn’t have to cut out sushi, nicotine, alcohol, or strenuous exercise for nine months while the bun’s in the oven, getting the bun in the oven can be, and often is, hard work. Your Fertility gives you all the tools and information you need to get yourself in tip-top baby-making shape, so your swimmers stand the best chance of reaching their goal.

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