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Tim Robards Shares His Go-To Running Playlist, So Now We Can All Shred Like Him

Running season is chasing us down, with Run Melbourne, City2Surf, and the Blackmore’s Running Festival all breathing down our necks. And although these events are looming, it’s still not too late to lace up and get training (only if you kick off your training immediately after reading this article).

What that? It’s cold? We hear you but a solid 400m after take off, you’ll have forgotten all about the frost nipping at your heels and be well on your way to conquering a 10, 21 or 42km fun run.

And if you’re still lacking motivation to get moving, well Kanye West, Will Smith, Daft Punk and a bunch of scientist could have your motivation sorted. What a pitt crew!

A recent study by scientist from Brunel University have discovered that listening to music while exercising actually rewires your brain, decreasing your focus but elevating your enjoyment.

The study monitored the effects on brain activity while exercising with music, a podcast, and no noise. By strapping portable monitoring devices (called electroencephalograms in case you were wondering) to study participants, scientists were able to identify a 28 per cent rise in enjoyment while listening to music. That’s a whole lot of happiness to accompany a long haul run.

“The EEG technology facilitated measurement during an ecologically-valid outdoor task, so we could finally explore the brain mechanisms that underlie the effects of music during real-life exercise situations,” said psychologist Marcelo Bigliassi. According to Bigliassi and the team behind the research, music boosts beta frequencies in the frontal and central regions of the cortex.

“We showed that music has the potential to increase beta waves and elicit a more positive emotional state,” said Bigliassi. “This can be capitalised upon during other forms of exercise and render a given activity more pleasurable. People who struggle to engage in physical activity programmes should select appropriate pieces of music to exercise,” he said.

While we’ve long been fans of The Rock’s weightlifting playlist, harnessing energy from music is a different beast when tackling a long distance run. Enter Australia’s most lovable Chiro, the ridiculously fit and knowledgable Tim Robards, delivering MH the tunes that fill his Apple Music playlist and power him through the hardest of runs.

Packed with hits from Calvin Harris, Kanye, Kid Cudi, and even a rogue Guns N’ Roses banger, it’s a great insight into what has powered the recently-wed Robards towards becoming the fitness industry powerhouse he is today.

Robards has been instrumental in his role as a City2Surf ambassador in getting us run-ready, not only by providing the soundtrack to our marathon slog, but delivering regular expert tips on form.

“What’s the BIGGEST running MISTAKE you could be making?” the fittest man in Aus asked his followers. “What could be doing you more HARM than GOOD and taking the FUN out of FUN RUN? It’s heel striking!”

Robards then shared an instructional video on ensuring a mid-forefoot strike when running, rather than striking with the heel, to prevent a whole host of potential problems including pronation and internal knee rotation.

Preview Robards track list below, or visit Apple Music to give the full playlist a spin.



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