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Blow Out Your Arms With This Triceps Challenge Workout

Want to give your arms a good workout but don’t have a ton of time or equipment to give you a proper pump? Don’t worry—you’ll almost always have enough time and space to take on this killer triceps challenge from Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S.

“We don’t always have time to do a full gym workout but this quick session, which is over in about 15 minutes, works well in any location and still lets us get a good pump in our arms,” says Samuel. “Since we can’t load with weight, we are amping up the volume and decreasing rest periods to get a solid triceps workout.”

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The key to the 10 to 1 triceps challenge is that you’re attacking the muscle from all angles. “The dips force the upper arms backwards relative to torso, the close grip pushup has them pushing a load away from your torso, and the bodyweight skullcrusher places them at a right angle (or slightly more than that) relative to torso,” says Samuel.

To take on the challenge, you don’t need any weights, but it helps to have a rig to rep out the dips. That makes this a good candidate for a park workout, where you might be able to find a playground or benches to support you for the exercise.

See the workout below

  • Start by performing 10 dips.
  • Go straight into 10 pause close-grip pushups.
  • Finish the round with 10 bodyweight skullcrushers.
  • Follow immediately with 9 reps of dips, pause close-grip pushups, and bodyweight skullcrushers.
  • Continue down the ladder until you complete 1 rep of each exercise.

The key to make this extremely challenging is by skimping on breaks. “Work to take as little rest as possible because as volume picks up in this workout, organic rest increases,” says Samuel. “You’ll naturally get a few seconds as you transition between movements. Those transitions occur more and more frequently as you work through each countdown round.”

Samuel also notes that form should be perfect for every move, so don’t just pump through half-reps and call it a day. If you don’t have access to a dip station, you’ll still be well-positioned for gains with a bench. “You’re attacking 55 reps of volume per movement here overall so that’s a lot of work even on a lightly loaded dip,” advises Samuel.

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