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How To Sneak In An Ab Workout, While Training Your Guns

If you’re following MH Fitness Director, Chief Brabon, on Instagram (and if not, you should be), you’ll have noticed that the great man himself incorporated some offset training while on location for our latest MH transformation photoshoot.

And if you’re wondering exactly what ‘offset training’ is, Chief is the man in the know.

“Offset training [is where] one side of the barbell heavier than the other (sic), or a heavier dumbell/kettlebell in one hand will test or core stability and your coordination,” says Chief while demonstrating a static offset barbell hold.

Offset training (or ‘loading’) may seem simple in theory, but it can have significant benefits when applied properly to a training routine. Creating the imbalance engages stabiliser muscles, mainly found in the core and hips. By offsetting the weight distribution, we place and extra demand on these muscle groups to maintain stability, creating flexion and placing them under constant load and increasing their time under tension… ie. working them hard!

Whilst not necessary in every session you complete, the principle can be an interesting variation to a range of standard lifts, including: squats, split squats, deadlifts, bicep curls, bench press, push press, upright rows… and bilateral movements. Just be sure to even up the workload by reversing the offset load on your second set.

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