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Here’s What Your Music Taste Says About Your Sex Life

Got Kasey Musgraves on repeat these days? Big fan of the latest Keith Urban bop? Well, that could mean good things for your love life.

A recent survey by ticket website TickPick has found that country music lovers are the most sexually satisfied of the genres, with 66 percent of respondents reporting that their bedroom habits where worth yee-haw-ing about.

This was followed by blues fans (64 per cent), jazz (63 per cent), reggae (62 per cent) and hip hop (61 cent). The last on the list? Evidently the sex lives of pop music fans is nothing to sing about with only 57 percent reporting that they were sexually satisfied. 

Some other interesting stats include that blues fans last the longest in bed, one in four folk music lovers have cried during sex and hip hop listeners are least likely to give oral sex

The most horrifying finding? Around 17 per cent of respondents said they have left their AirPods in during intercourse. 

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health

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