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When Is The Best Time Of The Day To Work Out?

For most people, finding time around their busy work schedule to exercise is difficult. Getting up early sounds like a good idea until you’ve hit your 4th snooze, while lunch time sessions seem the most convenient. But turns out there’s science-backed evidence that suggests when you should hit the squat rack. 

According to a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Researchstrength and flexibility peaks during the late afternoon while we also feel less sluggish. Researchers suggest this may be down to our body’s 24-hour clock. Our body temperature rises gradually throughout the day, peaking in around the late afternoon. 

However, reports also suggest that a consistent morning routine forces your body to adapt and perform at similar levels seen in the afternoon. 

Further, other research suggests that in the morning,” fully hydrated discs are at their most vulnerable stage” and with your poor spine stability could lead to injury.

But don’t worry if you’re an early bird, morning work outs have been given glowing endorsements by The Rock and Mark Wahlberg. And we think they’re pretty swole…

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