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Why Zwift and Turbo Trainers Are Gamechangers for Your At-Home Fitness

March can be the cruellest month. You’re itching to get in the saddle and build on your hard-won cardio gains, but soaring temps and humidity and late-summer super-storms are draining a lot of the joy out of those marathon rides. Thankfully, your workouts no longer need to be pure torture: with Zwift, you’re home and (relatively) dry.

First, let’s be clear: this is not spinning.

Connect your road bike to a smart turbo trainer and watch on a screen as you outpace your fellow heat dodgers in real time. The trainer adjusts the resistance to reflect the course, so your legs will experience every digitally rendered hill IRL. There’s even a structured e-coaching plan that will take your performance up a gear.

Here’s how Zwift reinvented the wheel.


The number of kilometres Zwift​ ​subscribers​ have​ cycled​ to date: nearly 25,000 quad-melting laps of the world.


The highest number of people recorded riding on Zwift simultaneously. Since​ it launched in ​​2014,​ people​ ​from​ more than 190 countries have climbed on the virtual saddle.


You can tackle courses in six real-world locations, from London to New York, or transcend reality by touring Zwift’s virtual island, Watopia.

197,000 The total elevation in metres achieved by Germany’s Olympic champion triathlete and Zwift fanatic Jan Frodeno.


The number of 2019 Tour de France cyclists who trained using Zwift, including 2018’s winner, Geraint Thomas. Try keeping pace with that peloton.

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