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Is Your Every Day Grooming Habit Making You Less Attractive?

Hoping to get lucky tonight? Put down your razor. The clean-shaven look could be ruining your chances of dating success.

A study published in The Journal of Evolutionary Biology, found that women prefer men with a little bit of stubble.

The research, which surveyed 8520 women, reveals that guys with stubble command the most attention from women looking for a short-term fling.

Meanwhile, men with thick beards are deemed to be ‘keepers’ or relationship-worthy. 

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Previously, a joint study from the University of Queensland, Charles Sturt University and the University of New South Wales found that stubble was considered the most appealing look because it was a sign of masculinity.

“Stubble was considered the most attractive – more attractive than beards and more attractive than a clean shaven face – but men with beards were considered more attractive than clean shaven,” says study author Dr Sulikowski.

To rock the perfect stubble, follow these steps from Men’s Health fashion editor Dan Michel:

 1.Use an adjustable beard trimmer with a built-in guard.

2.Start by removing any hair that grows too far out of bounds. Without using a guard, turn your trimmer so the blades face down. Shave a curved line around your neck, hitting just above your Adam’s apple. Shave off all the hair that grows below that line. Try to fade your facial hair as much as possible into the rest of your skin. Working slowly will help you avoid a harsh line.

3.If your facial hair grows high on your cheeks, shave or trim the hair there, making sure the start of your stubble hits just below your cheekbones, parallel to your jawline.

4.To groom your mustache, align the trimmer with the top of your lip and trim your stubble so that it finishes a millimetre or so above your lip.

5.When approaching your cheeks and chin, turn your trimmer so the blades face up and on your desired guard. (If you’re unsure, start with a ¼ inch for darker hair, ½ inch for lighter hair.) Trim your remaining facial hair to that length. When you’re trimming your sideburns, stop where your facial hair meets your hairline, which is normally around your mid-ear. 

6.Finally, run your fingers over your stubble to check consistency, making another pass with the trimmer until you have an even finish.

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