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Andy Ruiz Jr’s Nutritionist Shares The Diet Plan Behind His Weight Loss

Even if you agree with the argument that Andy Ruiz Jr’s weightloss will massively reduce the fighter’s punch power in his rematch against Anthony Joshua, you have to admit that his slimmer frame is seriously impressive.

Having weighed in for his first bout against Anthony Joshua at 19st 2lbs, Ruiz has been working to a strict diet plan in an effort to enter the rematch “a little lighter” and “a little faster”.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Ruiz’s personal nutritionist and chef, Zo’s Meal Plans, revealed the daily diet of Mexico’s first ever heavyweight champion, but if you’re expecting small portions and few meals then think again, as Ruiz nutritionist says: “This is a heavyweight camp. Andy isn’t a lightweight.”

This is the daily diet of the slightly-lighter heavyweight champ.

Andy Ruiz

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Andy Ruiz’s Breakfast

So how does ‘The Destroyer’ start his daily diet? Well according to Zo, Ruiz’s first meal of the day is typically an omelette with mushrooms, spinach and avocados, which is occasionally accompanied by some hash browns on the side.

Ruiz’s breakfast is smart. His egg omelette is a very good source of high-quality protein and is also a good way to get vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper into his diet.

Depending on the type and way he has them cooked, mushrooms are a good source of protein and fibre, while spinach will provide Ruiz with a good source of iron, which should help with his energy levels. Avocados will give Ruiz a healthy source of monounsaturated fat, so while they may be high in calories, research suggests they protect against heart disease and lower blood pressure.

As for Ruiz’s hash browns, while potatoes are a great source of fibre, deep frying them isn’t ideal if you’re looking to lose weight. Still, who are we to tell the heavyweight champ what to put on his breakfast?

Andy Ruiz’s Lunch

Because Ruiz likes train later in the day, he keeps his lunches light, which is why he opts for something like a chicken salad or a chicken wrap.

Eating chicken is a no brainer for Ruiz: chicken breasts are high in protein and low in fat, making them ideal muscle fuel. As for whether a salad or a wrap is the healthier option, there’s really no correct answer. Salads perpetuate what scientists refer to as the “health halo” effect, or the idea that people who choose foods labelled low-fat can end up eating more calories than those who snack as normal. In other words, having your chicken wrapped in bread can be just as healthy as having it mixed in with, typically, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and a flood of dressing over the top.

Andy Ruiz’s Dinner

In preparation for his ‘Clash on the Dunes’ fight against Joshua, Ruiz has been making trips to Saudi Arabia, and he apparently become a fan of the country’s cuisine. “We just left Saudi Arabia and Andy tried some rice there,” said Zo’s Meal Plans to Sky Sports. “He loved it, and now I have to try and replicate that rice! He likes the food in Saudi Arabia.”

When he’s not eating Saudi Arabian rice for dinner, Ruiz will also eat pasta for dinner, so he’s obviously a fan of eating his carbs later in the day to top-up his energy levels.

Andy Ruiz’s Ideal Meal

According to his nutritionist, Ruiz loves a steak and will eat one whenever he gets the opportunity. If he does eat steak though, Ruiz will eat leaner cuts and will eat it less often than other meats like chicken or fish. While recent research suggested there’s no reason to cut back on red meat in the name of better health, the NHS still recommends sticking to eating no more than 350g of red meat a week. It seems that Ruiz, or at least his nutritionist, agrees with that too.

Andy Ruiz’s Snack

In between his three main meals, Ruiz enjoys a snack or two. He usually snacks on things he can travel with, so wraps and sandwiches, but Ruiz also uses his snacks to top up his daily quota of fruit and nuts. The heavyweight champ has to get his five a day too.

Andy Ruiz’s Cheat Meal

Ruiz isn’t called the Destroyer for nothing, so what food does he demolish? Well, according to his nutritionist, Ruiz loves tacos: “Andy loves the el pastor con queso tacos. They put cheese inside the taco, and melt it – we get an assortment but he loves the marinated pork.”

Just as Anthony Joshua favours eating Nigerian dishes like pounded yam, eba and egusi, it’s no surprise that Mexican-American fighter Ruiz also incorporates Mexican food into his diet plan. Better still, lean pork can be an excellent addition to a healthy diet, so Friday night tacos are a winner with us.

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