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Six Grooming Products That’ll Speed Up Your Morning Routine

The big secret to daily efficiency? Park the phone and pare down your bathroom stash.

Answering emails on the toilet isn’t saving you time – it’s killing your morning. “You lose efficiency when you make decisions, because your brain faces lag time and each choice forces you to stop,” says Allyson Lewis, founder of, a website dedicated to time management.

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Pausing to like a few Instagram posts, dig through your sock drawer or search for your shampoo in a jumble of bottles costs you valuable minutes. If you’re always frazzled as you prepare for your day, you may need an efficiency overhaul. Start by stepping away from your smartphone; then set aside time to organise your clothes. Finally, declutter your bathroom by using products that eliminate steps.


The Groomed Man Co Face Fuel Cleanser

The activated charcoal in the cleanser draws out and absorbs impurities while green tea and marshmallow root extracts fight off free radical sand target skin inflammation. $46,

The Groomed Man

The Groomed Man


LAB SERIES DailyMoisture Defense Lotion BroadSpectrum SPF 15

As well as offering broad-spectrum protection, this quick-absorbing moisturiser is packed full of antioxidants that protect the skin from environmental aggressors like smoke and pollution.





De Lorenzo Elements Quicksand

This versatile hair product does double duty: it instantly adds volume and texture,while soaking up any excess oil. Keep your bathroom stocked with this multi-tasker to create quick styles, sans a wash.

$19.90. 1800 800 347

De Lorenzo Elements Quicksand

De Lorenzo


NIVEA MEN Invisible For Black& White PowerRoll-On Deodorant

Chalky antiperspirant buildup on your shirt armpits feels pretty gross. This smooth gliding, invisible deodorant uses anti staining compounds to protect clothes before stains canr each and penetrate them. 


NIVEA MEN Invisible For Black& White PowerRoll-On Deodorant



Braun Series 9Men’s ElectricFoil Shaver

It’s a shower-safe mug mower that adapts to your beard160 times per second, providing extra power where needed. The titanium coating reduces friction and the trimmer can handle hair of any length.





Dove Men + CareDeep CleanBody Wash

Armed with a mighty moisturising lather,this body wash instantly covers skin and rinses off quicker than most other washes.




By Mens Health Staff

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