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There’s An Actual Castle That Lets You Swim In A Pool Of Beer

Nestled in a quiet mountain range, just a 55-minute (flight) from Vienna in Tarrenz, Austria, resides Starkenberger Castle.

Don’t mistake this for your ordinary castle though, for deep down in underground vaults lies seven warm beer swimming pools, each filled with 12,000 litres of water and enriched with 300 litres of beer (about 634 pints).

The pools were formed back in 2005 after the fermentation cellars of the 700-year-old castle were no longer needed, so rather than turning the space into some cheesy gift shop, the Castle’s (lady) keepers opted to transform the space into a unique type of beer spa.



While it may sound gross floating around a pool of warm beer, according to the company’s website, the vitamins and calcium in the beer are highly beneficial for psoriasis, open wounds, circulation, and making your skin and hair incredibly soft. Or is that the beer talking?

You can rent an entire pool for around $300 and invite three of your best beer buddies along for this rare opportunity, but we definitely don’t recommend that you drink the “pool water.” If all that beer soaking gets you thirsty, best you order a (fresh) cool ale from the bar, and enjoy while you relax.

This article originally appeared on 7Travel.

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