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A Day On A Plate With The Commando – Steve Willis

I’m not overly stressed about what I eat, my general rule of thumb is to eat foods that are simple, clean and as close to nature as possible.

I aim to base every meal around macronutrients, which means combining carbohydrates, fats and protein into one, and that’s how I’ve been eating for years. I don’t take any extra supplements or protein powders because I get everything I need from my diet.

Here is a look into my day to day diet.


My go-to breakfast is sourdough toast, ½ an avocado, 2 eggs and a handful of spinach. This breakfast combines grains, fats and protein and kick starts my day perfectly.




If it’s not leftovers from the night before, I usually have a wholegrain wrap with salad and a protein such as ham or salmon. If I’m on the road travelling I look for things that have a lot of green leafy salads and vegetables – a stop off at Sumo Salad does the trick.




Greek salad and chops on the BBQ. We like to cut up the meat in strips instead of eating the whole piece. I like to eat with the seasons so as the weather gets warmer I tend to eat lighter at dinner, also mixing fruit in my salad such as strawberries or mango.

Instagram / @getcommandofit

Instagram / @getcommandofit


I don’t tend to eat snacks as much these days, but if I do it’ll consist of good fats such as macadamia nuts or a piece of fruit. I always suggest preparing your snacks ahead of time as it saves you from reaching for something unhealthy.

Commando Steve (Steve Willis) is best known for his role on The Biggest Loser and is widely regarded as one of Australia’s most demanding and harshest trainers. The Sumo Salad Ambassador took time to share his day on the plate as part of the #ThisIsHowIFlex campaign, sharing his secrets to a lean physique.

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