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How To Beat Allergies Naturally

If allergy meds turn you into a zombie, there are some natural remedies that are worth a shot. However, as always the best way to protect you against your symptoms is to avoid the allergens themselves.

The Australian Pollen Allergen Partnership have a great website, where you can check the pollen count in your city so you’ll always know when the air outside is swirling with invisible enemies. On days where the pollen count is high, close all windows and turn on your air-conditioner or an air purifier.

1/ Treadmill

Get sneeze relief on a treadmill. A study from Thailand found that people who suffered from allergies and ran for 30 minutes eased their sneezing, nasal itching, runny nose and congestion by 83 per cent.

2/ Wasabi 

Research from Japan, Depree et al. (1998), has found that the compound found in the spicy plant, known as 6-MSITC, suppresses the chemicals that cause nose-blocking inflammation.

The researchers concluded that “the anti-inflammatory effects and inhibition of platelet aggregation by omega-methylthioalkyl isothiocyanates is perhaps of more interest given the rapid action of the compounds and the low levels at which they are effective.”

3/ Air Purifier

When you’re plagued with allergies, when used properly, an air purifier may help relieve symptoms from allergen particles. A pilot study from the US showed that air purifiers reduce indoor particle pollution (PM) by a significant amount, relieving nasal symptoms associated with allergies.

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4/ Neti Pot

The neti pot looks just like a miniature teapot, however has the purpose of flushing mucus from your nasal passage. In multiple studies, people with chronic sinus symptoms had an increased quality of life and were less reliant on antibiotics and nasal sprays.

To use you need one teaspoon of non-iodised salt, ½ teaspoon baking soda and some lukewarm purified water. Flush your nose three times a week, ensuring that you clean the pot with soap and hot water after use.

5/ Turmeric

This bright orange root has been found to have many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin which is found in turmeric is a strong antioxidant and helps fight off free radicals in your body. This helps ward off runny noses and is a well-known decongestant.

6/ Eyedrops and compresses

Scientists from the UK found that compresses and eyedrops help to relieve symptoms affecting the eyes. Use some lubricating eye drops to dilute the allergens, and then apply a frozen gel pack for five minutes to relieve the swelling.

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