How To Get Abs Like Usher

Usher’s rig stole the Super Bowl. Here’s how to get killer abs in your 40s

The R&B singer's incredible physique stole the show at Super Bowl LVIII. Here's how he did it and how to sculpt washboard abs of your own.

THE KANSAS CITY CHIEFS may have claimed a Super Bowl victory for the ages in a thrilling championship game against the San Francisco 49ers yesterday, but it may have been R&B legend Usher who really stole the show. This was despite intense competition from Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce’s brain explosion and Patrick Mahomes entering GOAT conversations.

The 45-year-old superstar dazzled audiences with a high-tempo show that featured Michael Jackson-esque dance moves, a sizzling rollerblade sequence and appearances by special guests including Alicia Keys and Lil Jon. But the real highlight? That would be when the singer lost his shirt while banging out his 2001 slow jam ‘U Got It Bad’.

There are few 45-year-olds on the planet that boast a rig as lean and sculpted as the one the Usher unveiled yesterday. It had many of us wondering how he did it.

The key to scene-stealing abs and a tight torso as you get older is drilling down on your nutrition, says Men’s Health’s fitness editor Khan Porter. “That’s the number one thing you must do,” says Porter, recommending staples such as lean proteins, green vegies and wholegrains. You also need to focus on core exercises rather than abs-specific “mirror muscle” moves. “As you get older it’s less about volume and intensity and more about quality using functional movements,” adds Porter. He recommends the following workout to build a streamlined stadium-shaking physique.

  • Barbell rollouts x 12-15
  • Side plank x 30-45 secs
  • Strict toes-to-bar x 12-15

Repeat 4 times.


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